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Terms & Conditions.

TVA Beach League Guidelines: 

The following is a very basic guide to rules of play in TVA’s beach leagues. It is not all-inclusive and generally covers only the basic and/or exceptions to the USA Volleyball Rules. For further explanation or interpretation, refer to the USA Volleyball domestic competition guideline or contact the TVC office. 

1. Matches will consist of 2 games to 21 points, (points may be adjusted as season goes on due to lighting) RALLY SCORING (must win by 2) with NO cap (teams switch sides of the court every SEVEN points). If games are running behind, the amount of games or the length of games may be adjusted by the on-site league director

2. Three matches are scheduled each night on each court. Schedules are made to be fair as possible, however they may not be a true round robin format. Byes may have been necessary due to an odd amount of teams in each league. If you notice a scheduling problem, contact our office ASAP.

3. Due to time constraints, matches that are rained out will be rescheduled at a future date. We will inform you of any schedule changes or makeups. Teams are encouraged to make up games on the rescheduled night, but may be allowed to make them up whenever possible. Contact the office when games are made up.

4. The on-site director will be on site by 5:30 PM traffic permitting.

5. The referee team of the first match must have the lines set up by 6:00 PM. 

6. The first match is to start no later than 6:15 PM. Teams arriving late will lose one point per minute up until 6:30PM. For second and third matches, a similar rule will apply with teams losing points up until the 15-minute limit. At that time, the entire match will be forfeited. The 2nd and 3rd matches will start ASAP (within 10 minutes) following the finish of the previous matches. It is very important that matches get started on time and warm up time is kept to a minimum.  Play must be completed by dark.

7. On each net, the work team for the last match is responsible for returning the lines & clip board/score sheet to the on-site league director. If the work team for the last match DOES NOT turn these items in to the on-site league director when play is over for the night, they will forfeit all of their games for the night. If the court lines and clipboard are not recovered before the next night of play, the work team will also be fined $50.00. This fine will need to be paid before the team will be allowed to play again. 

8. There is no deadline for adding alternates. Additions to the roster can be made on-site with the league director or via the TVA office. To be eligible to play in the playoffs and/or finals, a player must have been present and listed on the line-up sheet for at least one third of the games during the regular season.

9. Any team who forfeits more than one third (three weeks of play, or 6 matches) of their games during the regular season will not be eligible to participate in playoffs.

10. All players are encouraged to make honor calls. Work teams are not able to see all nets and rule infractions. Honor calls cannot be made in your own favor.

11. Alcohol is not allowed at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Don’t jeopardize our privilege of playing at the beach by bringing alcohol. Please put trash in the cans provided. Keep the courts safe.

12. If the weather is questionable (severe weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes), please DO NOT call the TVA office until after 5:30 PM!! Please check the website mainpage and the TVA Facebook page. The TVA staff will make a decision by 5:30 PM as to whether or not league will be cancelled. At this time, a message will be placed on the voicemail. If there is no message after 5:30 PM, then the league is not cancelled. For your basic thunderstorm or passing shower, DO NOT CALLTHE OFFICE. Show up at the beach for the determination of league play.

13. One 30-second time-outs per team, per game are permitted.

14. Failure to provide a referee on time will result in the forfeiture of all games that night. Certification is not required for referees.

15. Protests must be lodged immediately to the representative regarding rules, illegal players or other infractions. Protests may not be filed after the date of play.

16. A serve may not be blocked or attacked above the height of the net.

17. Players are permitted to travel under the net as long as the action does not interfere with the opponent’s play on the ball.


19. A member may only play on one team at a time in the same division (including substitutes). 

20. If the server releases the ball for service and does not complete the service, the team will be penalized with a side-out.

21. Side switches should be done without delay.   Side switches are not a time-out, nor are they a “TV Time Out.”  Play should continue as soon as the sides are switched.


TVA Beach Inclement Weather Policy  

All beach volleyball events will cease at the first sign of thunder or lightening.  Cancellations will be made via the Beach League Director, Head Clinician (in the event that we run beach clinics, classes or camps), or Beach Tournament Event Director.  All beach activity will cease when City of VA Beach Lifeguards clear the beach…tournament play will not resume until the lifeguards have given the “okay” to the Head TVA Staff personnel.  In the event that a lifeguard is not present, the personnel mentioned above will ultimately be responsible for the decision to cease activity. 
ï?· Beach Tournaments - Depending on the time of day: 
o If before noon (12 pm) and inclement weather is consistent, tournament may be cancelled, and credits will be issued 
o If after noon (12 pm) then tournament play will be on a 1-hour delay.  The event manager will reassess the situation again.  If weather persists and proves to be consistent and does not “let up”, then the tournament will cancelled, per the event manager’s discretion.  Refunds/credits will not be issued. 
ï?· A NOAHH automatic alert weather radio will be on-site, kept on, and audible at all times during any beach activity so that TVA personnel will be alerted at the first sign of severe weather


Refund Policy


A refund may be issued if requested prior to Nine (9) days before the start of an event.  Teams or players withdrawing from an event under Nine days prior to the event start will not be granted a refund.



All sales are final.  Credit will be given and may be applied to future tournaments to players or teams who are unable to fulfill their registration commitments.  For further details related to credit and inclement weather, please see Tidewater Volleyball’s Inclement Weather Policy.



Refunds will be granted if requested prior to 24-hours before the start of the event.  Refunds will not be granted once the Camp or Clinic begins.



All sales are final.  Refunds may be requested within 14 days of payment IF a league has not started.  Once a League schedule is posted, no refunds will be granted.  Refunds may be granted on a conditional basis, whose situations will be examined by the League Manager and Executive Director.



All sales are final.  Refunds may be requested within 14 days of payment IF a league has not started.  Once a League schedule is posted, no refunds will be granted.  Refunds may be granted on a conditional basis, whose situations will be examined by the League Manager and Executive Director.  For further details related to credit and inclement weather, including potential make-up-days, please see Tidewater Volleyball’s Inclement Weather Policy.



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